Highlighted works by Jim Vidlak, Old World Metal

Lasting Artistry

Beautiful metalwork has a look and feel that says “quality.” At Old World Metal, we combine elegant design and fine craftsmanship to create railings, staircases, fencing, fireplaces, range hoods, and accessories of distinction. Each piece is expertly constructed and no detail is overlooked. Our professional installation reflects the same high level of quality and care.

Materials and Techniques

We work in iron, stainless, copper, brass and zinc and use the hammer and forge methods of traditional blacksmithing alongside modern welding techniques. A wide selection of rich patinas and other specialty finishes is available.

Satisfaction of Clients

Architects, interior designers, and homebuilders have all come to rely on Old World Metal to help them create superior spaces and furnishings worthy of praise. Our work can be seen in some of the finest homes in the area, as well as in several distinctive commercial projects.

Commitment to Quality

While our projects may showcase contemporary, traditional, or classic design, our commitment to old world craftsmanship never wavers. We always deliver high-quality work with fine attention to detail. Every job is done right and is installed with care. Whether based on your own unique inspiration or our innovative artistry, our custom handcrafted metalwork will add lasting value to your remodeling or building project.